The aim of POLEOT was the development of new innovative lightening devices on textile surfaces
neue innovative lightening devices on textile surfaces, © ITA


The Situation

The aim of POLEOT project was the development of new innovative lightening devices on textile surfaces. The implementation of two types of light-emitting elements was investigated within the project: electroluminiscent (EL) devices and organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs). Printing technology was addressed as the most promising approach for the realization of the light-emitting textile structures and further transfer of the obtained know-know to the industry.

The Project

The project research activites have covered the complete value chain of the EL devices and OLEDs development. These included complex investigation and evaluation of the materials, device designs and structures, manufacturing processes and approaches of their optimization in order to enhance the performance, durability and textile properties such as air permeability and flexibility of the printed light-emitting devices.

The project resulted in the development in the development of several demonstrators of EL and OLED structures on a variety of flexible substrates such as PET-foil, paper and textiles.

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