STFI - Sächsisches Textilforschungsinstitut e. V.

The institute sets focus on user-oriented research and development of technical textiles, non-woven textiles as well as on testing and certifying services.

The STFI is working on numerous application possibilities of textiles and has been innovation partner and service provider for its customers for more than 25 years now. It sets its focus on technical textiles, non-wovens, textile light-weight construction, functionalization, recycling, digitalization and industry 4.0. With long-year experience and competency, the STFI is able to test and certify personal protective equipment and to certify geological plastics. It is mainly the customer's requirements and needs that determine the STFI's research activities, which is industry and application-oriented. In the project Zwanzig20 "futureTEX - a future model for traditional sectors in the fourth industrial revolution" the STFI and its partners work at future visions and motives for the textile industry. Since 2006 the STFI has been an affiliated institute of the TU Chemnitz.

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The Saxonian Textile Research Institute (STFI) in Chemnitz: Competency in technical textiles, non-wovens and protection textiles. © STFI