Industry sectors

The German Textile and Fashion Industry is an important economic sector with an annual turnover of around 28 billion Euro and some 1.400 enterprises with 124.000 employees in Germany only. The biggest growth driver is technical textiles which are used in a wide range of high-tech products. The exceptional high export rate of more than 40 per cent reflects how valued German textile and fashion products are on the international market and emphasises the competitivity of German companies holding a leading position worldwide.

Fashion and clothing textiles

The clothing category comprises professional and protective clothing, in addition to fashion clothing and functional textiles. The annual turnover of the German clothing industry is around 12 billion Euros.

Footwear and leather goods

The German footwear and leather goods industry achieves an annual turnover of three billion Euros from the sales of children’s and adult footwear, protective footwear, small leather goods and cases as well as bags.

House and home textiles

The home textiles segment includes bedding, curtain fabric, decorative fabric, upholstery fabric, carpet products, bathroom textiles, as well as lace and embroidery. German textile companies generate a revenue of approximately 3 billion Euros per year from home textiles.

Technical Textiles

The turnover from technical textiles by German producers is approximately 13 billion Euros per year. Textile companies are important suppliers to other sectors such as the automotive sector, the aerospace sector, the medical sector, geotechnics and many more.