Das Rotorblatt einer Windkraftanlage mit integrierter textiler Sensorik.
Textilbasierte Sensorik in einer Windkraftanlage, Copyright: ITM, TU Dresden


Textiles can heat, cool and harvest energy from the environment. They also help to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels. read more (German version)

Research institutes - who is active here?

TITK - Thüringisches Institut für Textil- und Kunststoff-Forschung e. V.

The research institute for polymeric function and construction materials

ITV - Institut für Textil- und Verfahrenstechnik der Deutschen Institute für Textil- und Faserforschung Denkendorf (DITF)

Application-oriented research: from the resource to the finished product - from the idea to the market.

TFI - Forschungsinstitut für Bodensysteme der RWTH Aachen e. V.

We are the institute for research, testing and certifying in the field of construction and furnishing products in Europe.

STFI - Sächsisches Textilforschungsinstitut e. V

The institute sets focus on user-oriented research and development of technical textiles, non-woven textiles as well as on testing and certifying services.

ITM - Institut für Textilmaschinen und textile Hochleistungswerkstofftechnik, TU Dresden

The ITM is one of the world's leading university research facilities and is part of the most efficient institutes of the Excellence University of Dresden.

DITF-MR - Zentrum für Management-Research der Deutschen Institute für Textil- und Faserforschung Denkendorf (DITF)

industry 4.0 on its way into the textile industry. The DITF stand in front with innovative solutions to secure the way into the textile industry.

ITA - Institute for Textile Technology at RWTH Aachen University

We are an international research and training service provider for fibre-based high-tech materials, textile semi-finished products and their manufacturing...

ITCF - Institut für Textilchemie und Chemiefasern der Deutschen Institute für Textil- und Faserforschung Denkendorf (DITF)

At the ITCF Denkendorf, new products such as high-tech fibres, compound materials and fibres made from biomaterials are developed in application-oriented...

DWI - Leibniz-Institute for Interactive Materials

In interdisciplinary cooperation, our scientists work on key questions concerning the development of new active and inactive materials.

wfk - Cleaning Technology Institute e. V.

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