HIT - Hohenstein Institut für Textilinnovation gGmbH

textile competence put in a nutshell

Hohenstein Institute offers a certified testing service and is a research partner with round about 1 000 employees worldwide. Additionally to the testing of textiles and certifying them, application-oriented research in the areas of 

  • functionalization, 
  • product performance,
  • medical textiles
  • bioeconomics and
  • environmental technologies

are the core competences of Hohenstein.

With its unique know-how in developing and interdisciplinary cooperation, Hohenstein offers application-oriented solutions for the industry. The intensive partnership of textile engineers and life scientists makes it possible for our Hohenstein, to offer products and procedures for various sectors on demand. The research activities of Hohenstein help to discover completely new fields of application for textile products - and therefore to open new markets and future chances.

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Hohenstein Castle and its office buildings form the companies headquarter, which lies in the middle of idyllic vineyards of Bönnigheim. © Hohenstein